White-Collar Crimes Defense

When everything is on the line, trust your life and reputation to the attorneys that understand what’s at stake.

You’re Facing Powerful Opponents

When facing white-collar criminal charges, you're facing powerful opponents. The government will bring the full force of its resources to prosecute white-collar crimes. The stakes are high, and you need skilled a skilled attorney that has experience fighting the government—and winning.

High-Stakes White Collar Criminal Defense

Harden Law attorneys are experienced in litigating white-collar criminal cases. Whether you're facing antitrust, fraud, money laundering, embezzlement, bribery, public corruption, environmental crimes, and other non-violent crimes, we fight hard to defend your rights and restore your integrity.

No Federal Case Is Too Complex

When you’re facing federal charges, contact Harden Law directly to discuss your case.

Commitment to Our Clients, Nothing Less.


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